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About BHA

Bristol-Photo-Shoot/DSC_0002.jpgFounded in 1943, the Housing Authority of the City of Bristol is a quasi-independent agency. As in the case of all housing authorities, the authority and direction is provided by the Board of Commissioners, the Members of which are appointed to staggered multi-year terms by the Mayor of the City of Bristol, Connecticut.

Functioning under the authority of the Board of Commissioners is the Chief Executive Officer, Mitzy Rowe, who is responsible for the daily operation of the Housing Authority.

BHA operates housing for elderly, non-elderly disabled persons and for families that meet the low and moderate income criteria for the federal and state programs. The Authority provides these housing units through Federal public housing, State housing programs and the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program whereby applicants can seek housing within private rental housing.

Our goal is to make our family developments a transitional, not a permanent, solution while supporting independent living for our senior and non-elderly disabled residents.