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Home Ownership Participant Program

Through the Homeownership Program, the Bristol Housing Authority will provide Section 8 participants with homeownership counseling and subsidy to promote the purchase of a first-time home.

The Homeownership Program allows first-time homebuyers to use the voucher to meet monthly homeownership expenses rather than to pay rent. Section 8 Program participants or applicants who have been issued a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher may utilize subsidy to purchase rather than rent a home, subject to the requirements outlined in this policy. The Homeownership Program does not provide homeownership assistance on properties where any family member holds an existing mortgage or ownership interest.

Family Self Sufficiency Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is a free, voluntary program especially designed to help families pursue their goals while breaking down the barriers getting in the way of them reaching increased self-sufficiency. Upon joining the program, the family identifies a final goal as well as several smaller goals they hope to reach along the way. The program provides countless workshops, referrals, resources, and an interest-bearing escrow account for qualifying families. The overarching goal of the program is to help all families move towards greater economic independence, but especially those dependent on state assistance. Some of the benefits of joining the FSS program include access to basic money management classes, linkage to GED classes or higher education, and help with resumes and employment searches. Ask yourself this one question, when again in my life will I have the opportunity to establish an intensive, one-on-one partnership with a program specially designed to help me move my life forward?  An FSS action plan is included to provide you with information and to answer additional questions you may have about the FSS Program.  FSS Action Plan

If you are a Section 8 participant and would like to discuss how the FSS program can help you, please call the FSS Coordinator at 860-585-2027.